Undergraduate Research

Quite a few undergrad students have performed fun, cutting-edge research with my guidance.  After doing real measurements in the lab and data analysis, typically this culminates with a senior honor’s thesis.  Stop by my office if you’d like to participate!  Here are the students who have worked in my group and written a senior thesis:

2023: Max Cohen, “CMS High-Luminosity LHC Outer Tracker Upgrade Plank Cooling Mockup Testing”.  First position: Physics grad school at Penn

2021: Andrew Hagemeier, “Thermal Conductivity Studies of Aluminized Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Nitride, and Radiation Damaged Carbon Foam – Carbon Fiber Structures bonded with Graphite
Loaded Epoxy”.  First position: Physics grad school at UVA

2021: Chad Mowers, “Evaluating Thermal and Tensile Properties of CMS Outer Tracker Mechanical Structures”.  First position: Physics grad school at Cornell

2019: Jeske Dioquino, “CMS Outer Tracker Detector Development: Plank Thermal, Mechanical, and Radiation Testing”.  First position: Physics grad school at UC Berkeley

2019: Jeremy Hansen, “Thermal Conductivity Determination for Aluminized Carbon Fiber Composite and Ceramic Aluminum Nitride,” First position: Physics grad school at Iowa St.

2018 Gayle Zheng, “Pressure Dependence of Carbon Foam Bonding Strength using Reactive Film,” First position: industry

2017: Ruby Wang, “Reactive Bonding Film for Bonding Carbon Foam Through Metal Extrusion,” First position: in Iceland

2016: Minmin Fu, “Thermal and Tensile Strength Testing of Thermally-Conductive Adhesives and Carbon Foam,” First position: grad school in Applied Physics at Harvard

2015: Kirk Tolfa, “Measurement of thermal properties of novel materials for the High Luminosity LHC CMS Tracker,” First position: industry

2014: Michael Manighalam, “Supersymmetric Higgs Signatures at the LHC,” First position: grad student in Physics at BU

2012: Kyle Tos, “Search for NMSSM Higgs Bosons at the LHC,” First position: grad student in Physics at UC Davis

2005: Sho Maruyama, “Search for Supersymmetric Dark Matter Candidates in Air Cherenkov Showers and Leptoquarks in Hadron Collisions,” First position: postdoc at Fermilab

2004: Melinda Sweany, “Search for Minimal Supergravity with Trileptons at CDF Run II,” First position: researcher at LLNL

2003: Elizabeth Groves, “A Search for Supersymmetry with the Collider Detector at Fermilab Experiment,” First position: grad student, Univ. of Rochester